I can only hope everyone’s asleep while I post this diddly-darn late-night animes

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I made some dumb doodles

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Modern AU muse.

The anatomy sucks but there you go :D

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last night i was thinking about ‘gaara never touching an animal’ and then i thought ‘maybe gaara has never even seen an animal’ and he just thinks everythings a bird. he keeps a little notepad and jots down new information about animals so he doesn’t embarrass himself



average size bird and jumbo size bird

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Uhhhh, here! ;) They were in a battle, it ended with a big explosion *cof, cof* Deidara, but many of their team got separeted and Sakura and Hinata ended up togheter (Naruto’s lil dragon followed them, even though I didn’t draw it in there) and decided to take a little “ride” til the closest inn. If you think the owner of the wagon had a choice on giving these two a ride you’re danm wrong…

And that’s where their brotp beggins!


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Naruto from different covers of Shonen Jump 

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I… finally… finished it. /collapses

Well my interpretation of the fantasy au with Hinata would be that she is an elf from the Hyuga clan. They aren’t allowed to associate with any neighbouring elf clans like the Uchihas. Also, Ino and Tenten are her fairy guardians and although Ino likes Sasuke for Hinata, Tenten absolutely hates him lmao

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nobody does days off like team 10

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Tribute to Naruto 685. Go for it Sakura (~ ̄▽ ̄)~!!

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Uchiha Brothers

I got two asks about Izuna ^w^ Here it is!

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